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Reasons Our Clients Prefer JBS Entertainment:

JBS Entertainment Disc Jockeys can tell time.
An average of one(1) to two(2) hours should be allowed for set up and sound check. There is no additional charge for this service.

Neatness Counts
The physical presentation of our professional sound equipment (including pro CD players) will insure reliable service and quality presentation.

A Legal Music Library
We are firmly opposed to the illegal means that some DJs obtain music via the Internet (P2P, file swapping). We subscribe to a weekly music service for the latest hits.

We Take Notes
Detailed online planning forms filled out by the client will tell us exactly what you will want - from music to toasts.

We Welcome Requests
Requests are always welcome and encouraged. If a song seems inappropriate, an experienced DJ will explain the reason and ask for an alternative selection.

We Are Insured
We presently carry a $ One (1) million dollar general liability policy. Insurance is a part of any legitimate business. Liability policies protect yourself, your guests, and your DJ company.

You Are the Boss
Our Disc Jockeys are there for you and your guests. NOT for their own egos.

How Will You Be Dressed?
Proper attire reflects a positive, professional image to your guests. A tuxedo is the normal dress, unless otherwise specified.

Disc Jockey (top)

As an experienced professional, we know the kinds of music that will satisfy your guests, and how to work with other professionals. You want someone who has had experience working with caterers, photographers, and videographers so that everything runs smoothly.

Our online planning event planner will cover everything from the names of your bridal party, songs to be played for your formal dances, special requests, songs NOT to play, and many other factors that will help things run smoothly.

Finally, we use an all-digital format with a legal music library that is updated weekly and contains "radio edits" for all contemporary music selections. 

Master of Cermonies (top)

JBS Entertainment is prepared to be YOUR spokesperson for your wedding, party or other special event. We can provide introductions of your wedding party, parents, guests and any special recognitions that you may want.  We realize that how we sound is how YOU will appear to your guests.

We are prepared to work with your banquet manager, event planner, photographer, videographer or any other professional services involved in your activity. As a part of complete customer service, we will gladly supply copies of our party planning materials to these individuals so everyone "is on the same page".    

Karaoke (top)

JBS Entertainment is proud to offer Karaoke as an add-on to your entertainment package! Think you may have the next 'American Idol' on your hands? Call us today to see how this feature could be added to your next Corporate or Private party.

Lighting (top)

Add the magic of a computerized Intelligent Light show to any event. These lights can be arranged in a number of configurations to make your event look its best. Imagine a club-like atmosphere with lights that dance and move to the beat of the music!

Please see our Lighting page for additional information about this service.

Bose Audio (top)

 Incomparable Sound from BoseTM


The sound pattern of traditional speakers on a stick, or on the floor:




The sound pattern of the BoseTM Personal Amplification System (PAS):


The innovative Cylindrical RadiatorTM loudspeaker has a line array of 24 small drivers mounted into a vertical enclosure for wide, horizontal sound coverage. In comparison to a conventional speaker, volume and tone diminish very slowly over distance.

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